Why Trade Gold Online?

Gain Gold exposure without the need to worry about storage, insurance, and the other hassles of holding physical Gold.

0% Commissions when you invest in the underlying asset. So when you open a non-leveraged BUY stock position, you will pay zero commission.

Full Ownership is yours when you buy your stocks. The stocks purchased will be recorded in your name.

Fractional Shares are available. Fractional shares allow you to purchase stocks based on the dollar amount you want to invest.

Low minimum trade of just $10. Which makes it easy for anyone to start trading.

Receive dividends and be paid in proportion to the number of stocks you own whenever the company issues dividends.

3000+ stocks are available for trading. So even if you want to invest in something other than Gold, you have many stocks to choose from.

Regulated by the FCA, ASIC and CySec.


Is there a limit to how many stocks I can buy for zero commissions?

No, there is no trading limit and there is no cap on this.

Can I practice trading without putting any money at risk?

Yes, you can receive $100,000 in a DEMO ACCOUNT, also known as a virtual money account. The demo account gives you access to all of the available assets, including real-time stock trading, so you can learn to trade without any risk.

How can I trust my stocks are safe?

The eToro platform is regulated by the FCA, ASIC and CySec. You would be trading with a professional, secure, and proven stock broker.

What Gold Stocks do you recommend?

Here are some ideas you may wish to consider. You could invest in exploration or mining companies. These companies do the hard work of exploring for Gold and producing Gold. They actually own physical Gold & Silver in the ground.

Here are the Stock ticker symbols which investors may want to consider:

  1. Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK)
  2. Hecla Mining (HL)
  3. Sabre Gold (SGLDF)
  4. Royal Gold (RGLD)

Why is Northern Dynasty Minerals (NYSE MKT: NAK) recommended on your site?

The NAK Stock was added in early 2017 because it has been identified as a stock with a serious upside potential.

Below are several reasons to consider Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK):

  1. They have the world's largest undeveloped copper & gold resource.
  2. They have massive known resources - 6.44 Billion tonnes of Measured/Indicated and 4.46 Billion tonnes of Inferred.
  3. They not only have Gold & Copper, but they also have massive reserves of Silver & Molybdenum.
  4. The current value of one of their resources alone (eg. Silver) is worth many times their current market cap.
  5. They received a good EIS from the Army Corp of Engineers.
  6. The Alaskan government is led by someone who wants a fair, normal, and predictable permitting process for companies.
  7. The state of Alaska, and the USA as a whole, needs the jobs and extra revenue that will be generated from their Pebble mine.
  8. They are led by a professional and proven management team.
  9. There is large institutional ownership. When 'smart money' invests, it is a good sign of things to come.
  10. They have large insider ownership. When management invests in their own company, it is in their best interest to make the company succeed.
  11. They will be finding partner(s) at any moment. This will be a major catalyst for bullish stock movement.