Why Have A Gold IRA?

#1) A typical IRA is tied to stocks. Which means your IRA is at risk due to poor company management, 'woke' policies, rising crime, etc... A company's health and earnings will affect it's stock price. Which will affect your IRA.

#2) An IRA is usually based on US Treasury Bonds. These bonds go down in value as interest rates increase. Interest rate hikes have climbed to decade highs in 2023. And as the battle against inflation unfolds, more interest rate hikes are likely. Which will cause bond values to decrease even more.

#3) A Gold IRA is backed with physical Gold held in a secured and insured IRS-approved depository.

#4) Gold never goes out of business. It is stable and time tested. It has been true money for thousands of years.

#5) Gold cannot be created out of thin air. Unlike bonds which can be issued to fund borrowing and unlike stocks which companies can issue to raise capital. Gold is a tangible asset that is limited in nature. It also takes real energy, resources, and time to produce new Gold.

#6) A Gold IRA will help protect your life savings from inflation and other economic conditions. Gold is an excellent asset for diversification.

#7) Gold is the only Tier-1 asset class other than the US Dollar. In fact, central banks around the world have been buying physical Gold in record amounts while everyone is distracted with other markets and events. On the other hand, the banks that have held on to US Treasuries, are holding on to deep losses!


Who do you recommend as the best Gold IRA company?

The answer is clearly Noble Gold, although there are some other good ones out there too. Noble Gold provides excellent support and service. They make it easy for people who have no idea how to start a Gold IRA. Noble Gold is also recommended because of their honesty, transparency, and proven track record. There are tons of verified 5 Star reviews online made from real clients.


How do I set up a retirement account based on Gold?

It is an easy process. A retirement professional would be happy to help you every step of the way. Before you know it, everything will be done. Getting started only takes about 15 minutes of time. And most of the paperwork will be done for you too.

Are there tax penalties for moving my existing retirement account into Gold?

No. The process you are referring to is usually called a "rollover" or "transfer". With this process, you will not incur any tax penalties. A professional would be happy to discuss this with you for free. MOVE YOUR RETIRMENT INTO GOLD HERE.

What are the benefits of a self-directed IRA?

First, this is a great step in protecting your future! Secondly, depending on the type of IRA, there could be tax advantages (eg. tax-deferred or tax-free growth). An IRA professional would be happy to answer more of your questions. GET THE PROCESS STARTED HERE.

Why would someone start a Gold IRA?

Here are some good reasons to start a Gold IRA:

  1. A typical IRA is tied to the stock market and bonds. The problem with this is that any of those stocks or bonds can theoretically go to zero. Companies go out of business all the time. Even the major companies like Amazon and Twitter can see their stocks dump double digits and drag the whole sector down. For example, if you were set to retire near the 2008 crisis, your retirement account would have lost a lot of money. A similar situation with Stocks started in 2022.
  2. In a typical retirement account, you have little say in where or how your money is invested too. With a Gold IRA, you are investing your money into an asset that has a proven track record! And unlike stocks or bonds, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Gold to ever go to zero!
  3. Your Gold IRA would give you the benefits of owning Gold without needing to worry about storing it. Your Gold would be stored and insured at an IRS-approved facility on your behalf.