MintBuilder Pro Membership Benefits

SAVE 50% on premiums and get the lowest prices for bullion, coins, collectibles anywhere. Just compare Mintbuilder Pro prices to other bullion dealers to see the savings. The Pro membership will pay for itself!

FREE Gold storage at the IDS of Texas depository. The storage is fully secured and insured. Store as much metals there as you want completely free. This alone is worth the price of pro membership since other depositories require monthly or quarterly payments.

✅ Get 1% CASHBACK rewards after each purchase. These rewards can be saved up and used towards future purchases.

100% BUY BACK Guarantee

✅ Special Birthday Gift

✅ Every pro membership feeds 2 Children monthly using

FREE Premium Hurdlr Tax App

✅ All new Pro members who sign up through will receive 100% FREE GOLD sent directly to your MyMint wallet at MintBuilder!
Note: this free Gold is offered by and is in addition to all the benefits MintBuilder membership already provides.

Free Gold FAQ

Why are you giving away free Gold?

For most people, it introduces them to Gold for the first time. It is our goal to make as many people aware of Gold as possible and to help them prepare for anything to come. Giving out free Gold is a great way to do this. We are partered with MintBuilder and are offering a special incentive to anyone who signs up through this website. It helps MintBuilder get exposure, it helps people get started investing in Gold, and it helps this website. It's a win for everyone!

How much free Gold will I get?

You will get 1/100 oz of pure Gold. Which is about 0.311 grams.

What do I need to do to qualify for the free gold?

It's very easy! You would simply need to use one of the links on this website, open a MintBuilder account, purchase an annual pro membership, and email us at ''. After a 30 day waiting period, you will qualify for the free Gold. Please note, the 30 day waiting period is only there to prevent fraud. It ensures you are happy with the membership and do not want a refund after receiving the free Gold.

I already have a MintBuilder account. Can I still get the free Gold?

Sorry, but no. This incentive is only being offered to NEW Mintbuilder accounts opened through this website.

How will I receive the free Gold?

You will receive the free Gold directly to your MyMint wallet inside your MintBuilder account. So it would be an account to account transfer. The Gold you receive represents 100% ownership of pure physical Gold that is securely stored and insured at the IDS of Texas vaults.

Are there any restrictions on the free Gold after I receive it?

No! It would be 100% yours with no restrictions. You could instantly sell it or transfer it to another account if you want.

Why is an annual membership required and not just a month-to-month?

It is because this offer is meant for SERIOUS people who truly want to get involved with owning Gold. The free Gold incentive is meant to be long-term and sustainable too. Since Gold is being sent, it is very expensive. It would not make much sense to send out free Gold to anyone who visits this website and only has the intention of being a Pro member for a single month just to get the Gold.

Will opening an account through this website affect my membership benefits?

No, you will get the exact same benefits, prices, and service as any other Pro member. Everything is exactly the same. Actually, you need a referring sales associate in order to create a MintBuilder account anyway. So you might as well open the account through us and get free Gold.

Can I claim the free Gold more than once?

No, it is meant ONCE per person and ONCE per new pro membership. A record is kept of this and all claims are manually reviewed by a real person. Please do not try to cheat the system.

Is the free Gold available in my country?

This free Gold incentive is operated and paid for by InvestIn.Gold and we do not place any restrictions on any specific country. That being said, MintBuilder may have it's own country restrictions though. Basically, if you are able to create a MintBuilder account and are able to become a Pro member at MintBuilder then you qualify here for the free Gold.

How do I know everything will be tracked properly?

When you click on one of the links on this website and proceed to MintBuilder, their system should track you in most cases. Depending on browser, software on your computer, and any privacy settings you may be using, this may not be possible though. You cannot create a new MintBuilder account without a sales associate ID. So if you see a message asking for a sales associate ID, this means there was a problem with tracking. In this case, please enter 1005642 into the box to proceed. If you have any concerns about tracking, just email us at right after you open your MintBuilder account, but before you sign up for a membership. That way, it can be checked to see if you show up first before you pay for membership.

How do I know I will get the free Gold?

We have absolutely no reason not to send you the Gold. It's in everyone's interest that the free Gold be sent. All we ask is that you follow the simple terms. That's it. Actually, you should think of this as an extra bonus. The MintBuilder membership will pay for itself already because of the many benefits. Just take 5 minutes and look up the exact same products at the same time on other bullion dealer's websites. You will see massive savings for Pro members. So the membership pays for itself if you are someone who is serious about investing in Gold. The free Gold we offer is just like an extra bonus to get started.